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Products on Maundy Thursday
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12 Scripts for Easter
Dramatic Resources for the Lenten Season
Contributor: Various
No need to search for the perfect Easter script, Lillenas has done the work for you! See More On This Item
Drama Book 9780834178526
Price: $19.99   
I Am the Vine
A Dramatic Presentation of the Last Supper
By: James Bradford
Cast: 21 male, 11 female (some roles interchangeable)
Performance Time: 45 minutes
Interactive communion script can be used any time of the year. See More On This Item
MP-672 To perform this piece you are required to purchase a Production Pack. Click Here For Details.
Price: $10.99   
Jesus Has Gone On Ahead Of Us with Mocking in
By: Gail Blanton
Cast: Jesus Has Gone on Ahead of Us—2 readers
Mocking in Moderne—1 person
Performance Time: Jesus Has Gone on Ahead of Us—Approximately 1-2 minutes
Mocking in Moderne—Approximately 2 minutes
A readers theatre piece and monologue focused on the events leading up to the Cross. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 12534
Price: $10.00   
Mighty Joe Prompter
Another Complete Book of Short Scenes For Sermons, Services, And Special Seasons
By: Larry & Annie Enscoe
Performance Time: 5 to 15 minutes in length.
King Kong sized collection of sketches for many occasions. When the Enscoes give you 18 scripts like these, you can count on a dozen and a half winners. See More On This Item
Sketch Collection MP-788
Price: $19.99   
Quick Start Drama for Worship
Readers Theatre
By: Bette Dale Moore, Kevin Stoltz, Jeff Smith, Wayne Sigler, Chuck Neighbors, Coley Fisher, Dave Tippett, Courtney Walsh
Performance Time: Scripts run approximately 3 to 7 minutes
Readers Theatre is an easy-to-stage approach to drama. Includes scripts on relevant topics, as well as something for Easter and Christmas. See More On This Item
Drama Book MP-862
Price: $19.99   
Still Sleeping? with the Hour Has Come
By: Gail Blanton
Cast: Still Sleeping—Leader & optional additional reader
The Hour Has Come—3 Readers
Put Away Your Swords—Reader, Leader & Congregation
Performance Time: Still Sleeping—Approximately 2-3 minutes
The House Has Come—Less than 1 minute
Put Away Your Swords—Less than 1 minute
Three scripts for use on Maundy Thursday. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 12532
Price: $10.00   
Table for 13
By: Larry & Annie Enscoe
Cast: 2 female
Performance Time: 8 minutes
A sketch for Maundy Thursday or Lenten season. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 10089
Price: $10.00   
The Ultimate Seasonal Collection
Scripts for Christmas and Easter
Performance Time: Sketch lengths vary; most are 5 to 8 minutes, one is 15 minutes
30 best-selling scripts for Easter and Christmas from favorite Lillenas Drama writers - all on one CD-Rom. See More On This Item
CD-ROM Version MP-867CD
Price: $29.99 Your Price: $17.99  
Visual for Gathering with Cross
By: Gail Blanton
Ideas for designing a worship space for Easter services, including the use of a wooden cross used for Communion. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 12531
Price: $10.00   
Worship Creatively: Lent & Easter
Simple, Inspired Elements for Worship
Pastor-friendly collection of over 20 creative worship pieces that make planning easier for Lent and Easter. See More On This Item
Drama Book 9780834177536
Price: $19.99   
1-10 of 10
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