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Why thousands of music leaders look to Lillenas Choral Club?
  • No Risk

  • Start your membership for only $79.99 and we'll send you an $80 rebate coupon good toward any Lillenas music product purchase. It's like we're paying you to join the club!

  • Budget-Saving

  • Choral Club members receive a 15% discount on all Allegis, Lillenas, Excel Series, and LillenasKids choral books and anthems as well as special pricing on other products.

    Please allow 1-2 business days for your Choral Club membership to be processed. When this processing is complete, you will be eligible for all the benefits of your membership (including discounts on your Lillenas purchases).

  • Time-Efficient

  • No more wasting hours searching for new music. You will receive your choral club packages as soon as product is released and just when you need them; usually 3-4 times a year.

  • Convenience

  • Delivered right to your door, every choral club package is mailed to you with no added shipping and handling fees and you never have to return the books or recordings. In addition, it's simple to sign up and even simpler to order!

  • Ministry Tool

  • Giving you more than just new product, the choral club gives the music leader the critical information he or she needs to excel in their ministry. By receiving every new choral release, you're sure to find that special piece for your particular music needs. In addition, our writers and arrangers carry a special burden for providing Christ-centered music resources for the local church.

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