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Now Is the Time to Plan Ahead
A new year brings a fresh start. It also offers the opportunity to reflect on the past few months. There are meaningful events to cherish, challenges we overcame that we now celebrate, and disappointments that we've learned from. Looking ahead to the upcoming new year is a good way to build on your experiences, set some goals and then evaluate what's important to the life of your church. Some churches consider the Fall to be the start of a new year; for others, January is the month. No matter how you schedule, here are a few ideas, month by month, that you might want to include in your long range planning. You can adapt these to your own circumstances, but it's always a good idea to be thinking ahead.

JANUARY: Implement a new year recruitment campaign for all choirs; discuss with your pastor his or her vision for the new year; schedule soloists for the quarter; read one good book on music ministry; tune pianos and have organ serviced.

FEBRUARY: Attend the Lillenas Music and Drama Conference; begin rehearsals for a children's choir Spring musical; emphasize God's love as you format your worship services.

MARCH: Host a "Music Ministry Appreciation Dinner" for all involved in the music ministry of your church; start now to schedule some personal summer vacation time with your family.

APRIL: Present a children's choir Spring musical; schedule soloists for the quarter; check the inventory of your music library - retrieve lost copies of music and order additional copies to fill out your needs.

MAY: Begin planning for patriotic concerts or services; read one inspiring biography; challenge your congregation to write their own original hymn texts (to the tune of familiar hymns) and sing them with your congregation.

JUNE: Begin plans for Christmas (select music, dates, etc.); meet with area music ministers to share ideas, music and ministry concerns.

JULY: Recruit for all choirs (anticipating September as the start of a new choir year); attend a church music conference or clinic; present a patriotic concert or service; schedule soloists for the quarter.

AUGUST: Give service choirs the month off from rehearsing (sing favorites); elect new officers for your choirs; tune pianos and have the organ serviced.

SEPTEMBER: Start rehearsals for Christmas presentations; resume age level choir rehearsals; host an "Old Fashioned Gospel Sing".

OCTOBER: Make plans for Thanksgiving services; recruit help for Christmas presentations (technical crew, narrators, costume personnel, etc.); schedule soloists for the quarter; take your pastor to lunch.

NOVEMBER: Make initial plans for Easter; check on details for Christmas presentations; write notes of thanks and appreciation to those involved in your music ministry.

DECEMBER: Enjoy the Christmas season!; spend "down time" with family and friends; schedule some personal retreat time to plan for the new year.

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