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Keep Me Informed about Church Music
Be Not Afraid
A Christmas Musical Proclaiming that Hope is Here
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Use these fun and easily adaptable art files for your next musical! Create your own personalized T-shirts, bulletins, posters, fliers, and more! Included are designs for Lillenas adult, children, and youth musicals.
ThumbnailFile NameSize & Type
Book cover image, 300 dpi color
1595k / TIF
Book cover image, 100 dpi color96k / JPG
Book cover image, B&W, 300 dpi
730k / TIF
Book cover image, B&W, 100 dpi84k / JPG
Cover graphics without title, 300 dpi color
1594k / TIF
Cover graphics without title, 100 dpi color77k / JPG
Title Graphics, 300 dpi B&W
914k / TIF
Title graphics, 100 dpi B&W58k / JPG
Poster, 300 dpi 3 x 5 color
5986k / TIF
Poster, 150 dpi 11 x 17 color227k / JPG

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