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Nan Allen
Nan, and husband Dennis, are a writing team who is impacting church music with their fresh and incisive songs. Nan earned her degree in communications from the University of Alabama. In addition to serving as a workshop leader and studio singer, she writes lyrics, drama, and curriculum materials.
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1. A Family Christmas: A Worship Celebration for All Ages in Scripture and Song By: Nan Allen, Dennis Allen Book 9780834195684 Price: $8.99
2. God Did Arranged by: Dennis and Nan Allen; By: Nan Allen, Dennis and Nan Allen Downloadable Anthem (Piano/Vocal) 765762722736 Price: $1.99
3. Kingdom Quest: A Musical for Kids About the Full Armor of God By: Nan Allen, Dennis Allen Downloadable Director's Editon 765762720534 Winning the battle! Price: $9.99
4. Lift Up the Cross Arranged by: Dennis and Nan Allen; Music by: Dennis and Nan Allen; Words by: Nan Allen Anthem 9780834190221 Price: $1.99