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Ken Bible
Ken Bible received his Bachelor of Music in composition at the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. He has worked at Lillenas Publishing Company for 30 years, serving as director from 1977-1990. He is the editor of the current Lillenas hymnal, Sing to the Lord, and has compiled numerous collections, including Master Chorus Book, which has sold over 1 million copies. Ken founded Living the Natural Way and as a publisher of pocketsize books and new hymns. He has written over 15 books and has original hymns in nine major hymnals. He and his wife, Gloria, have 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

Listing of All Products by Ken Bible
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1. All the Best Hymns: 124 Favorite Hymns, Choruses, and Gospel Songs Produced by: Ken Bible Book 9780834195844Large print, easy to read Price: $19.99
2. All the Best Songs for Kids: 230 Praise Songs, Choruses, and Children's Favorites for Preschool Through Preteen Compiled by: Ken Bible Book,Spiral Bound 9780834196353 Price: $19.99
3. All the Best Songs of Praise & Worship 2: More Contemporary Favorites Compiled by: Ken Bible, Marty Parks, George Baldwin; Edited by: Marty Parks Book 9780834174405A customer favorite... Price: $21.99
4. The Best of Mosie Lister: Songs of Faith, Praise, and Evangelism Arranged by: Mosie Lister; Music by: Mosie Lister; Words by: Mosie Lister, Ken Bible Book 9780834173118 Price: $19.99
5. Genesis Part 2: Faithful to His Promises By: Ken Bible Book 9780834111080 Price: $7.99
6. Carols for Christmas: A Treasury of 52 Favorites New and Old - Usable in Medleys or Individually Arranged by: Tom Fettke; Compiled by: Tom Fettke, Ken Bible Book 9780834196582 Price: $9.99
7. The Chorus Book: Contemporary and Traditional Favorites Compiled by: Ken Bible Book 9780834173408 Price: $13.99
8. The Chorus Book, Word-Only Edition Compiled by: Ken Bible Words Only Edition 9780834173682 Price: $4.99
9. Contemporary Low Voice Compiled by: Ken Bible Book 9780834190894 Price: $19.99
10. Dare To Run: 51 Contemporary Songs Compiled by: Ken Bible Book 9780834190726 Price: $9.99
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