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Roy W. Brunner
Roy Brunner received his Bachelor of Music from Houghton College, his Master of Music from the University of Nebraska, and his D.M.A. from Combs College. Since then he has published many arrangements and compositions for organs including The Cathedral Organist; Trios for Organ; and From Prelude to Postlude. He is currently a professor of music at Gordon College and the organist at Park Street Church in Boston. He and his wife, Norma, have two sons.

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1. All the Best for Christmas Organ: A Treasury of Yuletide Favorites Contributor: Rick Parks, Ethel Tench Rogers, Roy W. Brunner, Rick Deasley, Carroll Andrews, Ross James Root, Kenneth D. Varner Keyboard Book 9780834173989A must-have for the church organist! Price: $32.00
2. From Prelude to Postlude: Service Music for the Church Organist Arranged by: Roy W. Brunner Keyboard Book 9780834199422 Price: $24.00