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Coley Fisher
Coley Menadier Fisher began her performing career in front of her bedroom mirror doing her best Shirley Temple impressions. Her career catapulted years later to performing live daily in front of her students at the Christian School where she taught English, History, and Drama. After a successful ten-year run in the classroom, Coley worked as an Educational Consultant, and staff writer for two Christian publishers.
Her other publishing credits include thirty early childhood thematic units in a series called "Scripture Bites" and a K-6th grade Christian School Bible curriculum "Biblical Choices for a New Generation," as well as writing viewing guides, and scripting for a popular science video series for children, the story consulting for a live-action, bible-based video adventure series, and writing radio devotional spots for a popular children's vocalist. For over twenty years, Coley has been actively involved in church music and drama ministries...writing, singing, acting, and directing. Coley is also a committed Bible School teacher, and active participant in women's ministries. Coley and her musician husband, Rick, have two sons: Adam the actor and Grayson the artist.

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1. Calling Out to You By: Coley Fisher Downloadable Script 11967 Price: $10.00
2. Chapel Connect 1.0: A Plug-in Curriculum for Teachers to Energize Chapel Programming Created by: Coley Fisher CD-ROM Version 765762150508 Price: $34.99
3. Christmas at Uncle Phil's Diner: No Room at the Diner: Interactive Dinner Theatre for Outreach By: Dave Avanzino, Coley Fisher, Craig Wilson Drama Book 9780834172463To perform this piece you are required to purchase a Production Pack. Click Here For Details. Price: $10.99
4. Christmas Lights By: Coley Fisher Downloadable Script 11888An illuminating sketch on the purpose behind the lights Price: $10.00
5. The Christmas Script Book: Short, Easy Drama for Worship, Sermon Set-up, Programs, & More By: Larry & Annie Enscoe, Patricia Souder, Jill M. Richardson, Jeff Smith, Coley Fisher, Dave Tippett, Thomas R. Briggs Drama Book 9780834171763Meaningful, powerful... Price: $19.99
6. Christmas Unwrapped By: Coley Fisher Downloadable Script 11965 Price: $10.00
7. The Gift Return By: Coley Fisher Downloadable Script 11552 Price: $10.00
8. Great By: Coley Fisher Downloadable Script 12108 Price: $10.00
9. He Is Our Peace By: Coley Fisher Downloadable Script 11889 Price: $10.00
10. Hope Is Calling By: Coley Fisher Downloadable Script 12019 Price: $10.00
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