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Listing of All Products by Charles Wesley
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1. And Can It Be? (a capella) Arranged by: Tom Fettke; Music by: Thomas Campbell; Words by: Charles Wesley Anthem 9780834177635 Price: $1.70
2. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today Arranged and Orchestrated by: Daniel Semsen; Words and Music by: Charles Wesley, Daniel Semsen, Christy Semsen, Lyra Davidica Anthem 9780834184503 Price: $1.75
3. A Highland Carol Arranged by: Tom Fettke, Thomas Grassi; Music by: Michael W. Smith; Words by: Charles Wesley, Christopher Wordsworth Octavo 9780834182097 Price: $1.90
4. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling Music by: Johann Pachelbel; Words by: Charles Wesley; Arranged and Orchestrated by: Marty Parks Anthem 9780834176140 Price: $1.70