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Listing of All Products by Claire Cloninger
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1. Glory in the Highest: A New Hallelujah Arranged by: Gary Rhodes; Created by: Claire Cloninger, Gary Rhodes; Orchestrated by: Tim Cates Book 9780834177789 Price: $8.99
2. Jesus, You Alone Are King Arranged by: Lloyd Larson; Words by: Claire Cloninger Octavo 9780834182103 Price: $1.90
3. Noel and Alleluia! Jesus Is Born: A Christmas Celebration for Every Choir Created and Arranged by: Tom Fettke; Orchestrated by: Russell Mauldin; Script by: Claire Cloninger Book 9780834181793 Price: $6.99
4. Somebody Prayed for Me Arranged and Orchestrated by: Marty Parks; Music by: Robert Sterling; Words by: Claire Cloninger Anthem 9780834177260 Price: $1.99
5. They Could Not Arranged and Orchestrated by: Camp Kirkland; Words and Music by: Claire Cloninger, Ron Harris Anthem 9780834185333NEW Price: $1.99
6. This Holy Night with O Holy Night Arranged by: Gary Rhodes; Orchestrated by: Tim Cates; Words and Music by: Claire Cloninger, Gary Rhodes Anthem 9780834181977 Price: $1.99