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Looking for a Song for Church Music
Featured Selections
O Holy Night with Behold This Holy Night
Arranged and Orchestrated by: David T. Clydesdale; Words and Music by: John S. Dwight, Adolphe C. Adam, David T. Clydesdale
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Anthem 9780834183605 NEW
In God We Still Trust
A Patriotic Celebration of America's Freedom
Created by: Dave Clark, David T. Clydesdale; Orchestrated by: David T. Clydesdale
Performance Time: 25 minutes
In God We Still Trust is everything you have come to loveand appreciate about the music of David T. Clydesdale, and this new patriotic musical from . . .See More On This Item
Book 9780834181762
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1. All On a Christmas Day: A Broadway Style Musical About a Journey to Faith Downloadable Book (Piano/Vocal) 765762716032 A great evangelism tool!! Price: $8.99
2. All the Best for Christmas: 21 Choral Favorites for Pageant, Concert, or Worship Service Arranged by: Tom Fettke, Doug Holck, Camp Kirkland, Dennis Allen, Dave Williamson, Richard Kingsmore Book 9781882854165A valuable resource for seasonal use... Price: $9.99
3. Be Not Afraid: A Christmas Musical Proclaiming that Hope is Here Arranged and Orchestrated by: Richard Kingsmore; Created by: Kimberly Messer Book 9780834175556 Price: $8.99
4. Bow the Knee: A Dramatic Musical for Easter Arranged by: Richard Kingsmore; Created by: Christopher Machen Choral Book with Script 9780834172555Exciting and memorable! Price: $9.99
5. Canticle of Christmas: My soul glorifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior Arranged by: Tom Fettke, Camp Kirkland Book 9780834197091An enduring CHRISTMAS CLASSIC from LILLENAS! Price: $8.99
6. Celebrate Jesus Christ: A Package of Praise for Easter Sunday Arranged by: Tom Fettke Extended Anthem 9780834173415 Price: $4.99
7. Choir and Praise Team: Sing of His Love Arranged by: Camp Kirkland Book 9780834172524 Price: $8.99
8. Crown Him with Alleluias: A Resurrection Celebration Arranged by: Mark Hayes Mini-Musical 9780834195851 Price: $4.99
9. Down from His Glory: The Love Story of Christmas Arranged by: Mike Speck; Orchestrated by: Lari Goss Book 9780834178984 Price: $8.99
10. Four Tickets to Christmas: A Dramatic Musical Music by: Mark Hayes; Script by: Deborah Craig-Claar; Words by: Deborah Craig-Claar Book 9780834194809A Landmark Dramatic Musical! Price: $8.99
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