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Looking for a Song for Church Music
Listing of All Christmas
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61. Let's Go Caroling!: Twenty Christmas Favorites for Choir, Carolers, and Congregations Book 9780834193727 Price: $1.49
62. Let's Go Caroling!, Caroling Kit Let's Go Caroling!, Caroling Kit 765762159402 Price: $29.99
63. Light & Life: A Christmas Musical for Senior Adult Choirs Arranged by: Lloyd Larson Book 9780834174849A very special Advent musical for mature voices Price: $7.99
64. Light of the World: A Musical Worshiping the Christ of Christmas Arranged by: Mosie Lister Book 9780834171046 Price: $5.99
65. A Love to Save the World: A Christmas Celebration of Invitation and Redemption Created and Arranged by: Cliff Duren Book 9780834175570 Price: $5.99
66. Memories of a Merry Christmas: A Musical for Senior Choir Arranged by: Marty Parks Book 9780834170322 Price: $7.99
67. Midnight Hallelujah Arranged and Orchestrated by: Phil Nitz; Words and Music by: Cliff Duren, Dave Clark Anthem 9780834185524 Price: $1.99
68. Mighty King Arranged and Orchestrated by: Nick Robertson; Words and Music by: Nick Robertson, Anna Clark, Alisen Wells Anthem 9780834184909 Price: $2.09
69. My Heart Longs for Christmas Arranged and Orchestrated by: David T. Clydesdale; Created by: Nick Robertson, Allie Lapointe, Tony Wood Book 9780834183520 Price: $8.99
70. The Name...Jesus: A Christmas Musical Celebrating Emmanuel, the King of Kings Arranged by: Cliff Duren; Created and Arranged by: Mike Speck Book 9780834176447 Price: $8.99
Results 61-70 of 92More Resultsbeginningprevious12345678910nextend
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