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Looking for a Song for Church Music
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41. Mercy Came Running: God's Promise Fulfilled Arranged and Orchestrated by: Cliff Duren; Created by: Cliff Duren, Dave Clark, Don Koch Book 9780834183360 Price: $8.99
42. Moving Up to Gloryland: Gospel Favorites for Choir, Ensemble, or Congregation Arranged by: Joseph Linn; Compiled by: Ken Bible Book 9780834193345Warm and exuberant! Price: $9.99
43. My Heart Longs for Christmas Arranged and Orchestrated by: David T. Clydesdale; Created by: Nick Robertson, Allie Lapointe, Tony Wood Book 9780834183520 Price: $8.99
44. The Name...Jesus: A Christmas Musical Celebrating Emmanuel, the King of Kings Arranged by: Cliff Duren; Created and Arranged by: Mike Speck Book 9780834176447 Price: $8.99
45. Noel and Alleluia! Jesus Is Born: A Christmas Celebration for Every Choir Created and Arranged by: Tom Fettke; Orchestrated by: Russell Mauldin; Script by: Claire Cloninger Downloadable Book (Piano/Vocal) 13610 Price: $5.99
46. O Breath of Life Arranged and Orchestrated by: Russell Mauldin; Music by: Nick Robertson; Words by: Dave Clark, Bessie Porter Head Anthem 9780834183070 Price: $1.99
47. One Noel: Sing the Song of Christmas Arranged by: Christopher Phillips; Created by: Dave Clark, Mike Harland, Cliff Duren; Orchestrated by: Cliff Duren, Phil Nitz Book 9780834185746 Price: $8.99
48. Our Great God: 20 Best-selling Anthems for the Worshiping Choir Arranged by: Russell Mauldin, Dave Williamson, Phillip Keveren, Geron Davis, Mike Speck, Cliff Duren, Bradley Knight, Gary Rhodes, Daniel Semsen Book 9780834181823 Price: $9.99
49. Redeemed: Songs for the Soul-Winning Church Arranged by: Mike Speck, Cliff Duren; Created by: Mike Speck; Orchestrated by: Danny Zaloudik, Wayne Haun, Chris Mcdonald Book 9780834175471 Price: $8.99
50. Remember and Proclaim Arranged and Orchestrated by: Dave Williamson; Words and Music by: Wendy Wills, Matthew Linton Downloadable Anthem (Piano/Vocal) 765762559639 Price: $1.99
Results 41-50 of 62More Resultsbeginningprevious1234567nextend
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