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Adventures in Odyssey, Volume No. 2
By: Phil Lollar
Performance Time: 30 to 40 minutes in length
Each script is in its original radio format. The stories are written to be read as readers theatre or as a radio program. See More On This Item
Drama Book MP-902
Price: $19.99   
Imagine That
Creative and Interactive Ideas for Teaching Kids the Bible
By: Jeff Smith
Interactive stories, object lessons, song parodies, games, dramatizations, and visualizing activities get kids involved and helps them learn Biblical concepts. See More On This Item
Program Resource Book MP-833
Price: $19.99   
In the Name of the Father
Arranged by: Dennis Allen; Words and Music by: Dennis and Nan Allen
Performance Time: 3:34 with accompaniment trax
From Lillenas' Communion Series - a vivid portrayal of the significance of worship around the table. A call to remembrance and to celebration. See More On This Item
Anthem AN-2685
No Limits
The Script Book
By: Jeff Smith
Performance Time: Sketches run from 2 to 5 minutes in length.
Relevant, creative, simple to learn and easy to stage sketches make this book a perfect choice for youth groups and drama ministry teams. See More On This Item
Sketch Collection MP-849
Price: $19.99   
Quick Start Drama for Kids
No Rehearsal Bible Skits for Classroom or Performance
By: Debbie Salter Goodwin
Performance Time: Varies depending on content chosen
Quick-start techniques use imagination starters, signs, props, hats and a variety of other ideas to engage children in a sketch or interactive story. See More On This Item
Drama Book MP-858
Price: $19.99   
Quick Start Drama for Worship
Readers Theatre
By: Bette Dale Moore, Kevin Stoltz, Jeff Smith, Wayne Sigler, Chuck Neighbors, Coley Fisher, Dave Tippett, Courtney Walsh
Performance Time: Scripts run approximately 3 to 7 minutes
Readers Theatre is an easy-to-stage approach to drama. Includes scripts on relevant topics, as well as something for Easter and Christmas. See More On This Item
Drama Book MP-862
Price: $19.99   
Top 12 Scripts
The Year's Best-selling Single Scripts
By: Larry & Annie Enscoe, Martha Bolton, Gail Blanton, Doug Smee, Kevin Stoltz, Jeff Smith, Chuck Neighbors, Dave Tippett
Performance Time: Scripts run 2 - 10 minutes in length.
The scripts chosen for this book were the top twelve rated scripts in sales and customer feedback. See More On This Item
Drama Book MP-859
Price: $19.99   
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