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Disturb Us, Lord
Arranged and Orchestrated by: Cliff Duren; Words and Music by: Dave Clark, Lee Black, Tony Wood
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Anthem 9780834185289 NEW
Easter Program Builder No. 23
Compiled by: Paul M. Miller, Scott Stargel
Includes recitations, readings, songs, banquet ideas, and plays. Material is designed for Easter.
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Program Resource Book ME-123
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Follow the Example
By: Martha Bolton
Cast: 1 boy, 2 persons
Performance Time: 5 minutes
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Downloadable Script 11218
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I Am Determined
Arranged by: Camp Kirkland
Performance Time: 4:40 with accompaniment trax
A true ministry song of commitment and discipleship for SATB choir and soloist. See More On This Item
Anthem AN-2678
Take That Back!
By: Martha Bolton
Cast: 2 persons
Performance Time: 3 minutes
A teaching sketch about how hard it is to return words you have said that you wish you hadn't. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 11214
Price: $10.00   
The Trial of Your Life
By: Doug Smee
Cast: 4 Puppets or Actors
Performance Time: 8 minutes
Sketch inspiring us to live as Stephen did. Hank is put on trial for the way he has lived out his Christianity; it is clear that he needs to make some changes. See More On This Item
Downloadable Script 10712
Price: $10.00   
1-6 of 6
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