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Products on Christmas Traditions
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Christmas Program Builder No. 53
Creative Resources for Program Directors
Compiled by: Kimberly Messer
Always a best seller, the Christmas Program Builder is a treasury of recitations, dialogues, exercise, and easy-to-stage plays. See More On This Item
Program Resource Book MC-153
Price: $6.99   
Signs of Christmas
An Easy-to-sing, Easy-to-stage Christmas Musical for Children
Arranged by: Pam Andrews
Cast: Signs of Christmas allows six speaking (narration) parts for children, plus non-speaking roles for Mary, Joseph, and children to hold the signs of Christmas - a wreath, a heart, a Bible, a lit candle, a Christmas present, a cross. There are no singing solos written, but the director may choose to allow soloist(s) to sing some of the song verses.
Performance Time: 21 minutes
Ideal choice for children's choirs needing easy-to-learn songs and an easy-to-stage production for Christmas. Created by Pam Andrews. See More On This Item
Book MC-552
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