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Christmas Program Builder No. 62
Creative Resources for Program Directors

Suggested Use: Program resources for Christmas - worship services, Sunday School, children's worship services
Topics: Advent, Angels, Children's Christmas Program, Christmas, Christmas Program Builders, Christmas Scripts, Jesus' Birth, Joseph, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Nativity, Shepherds at Jesus' Birth, True Meaning of Christmas
Get value for your dollar in this resource packed with Christmas materials for worship, kids and adult seasonal programs, and family events. Build your own programs easily with the graded recitations for kids, adult readings and monologues, and seasonal plays for a variety of ages. Included in this latest edition are, "A Children's Christmas" a mini-play for kids, and the play "2000 Years" which traces the story of Christmas through the centuries and famous carols. Enter the season prepared with this user-friendly building block to your church's Christmas planning.
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