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Classic Hymns for Violin and Piano
Advanced Solos for the Church Violinist
Arranged by: David Ritter

About This Product
Classic Hymns for Violin and Piano is a culmination of songs that were each birthed out of a special need or request. Each is designed to be distinct from all of the others. You will find the arrangements to be idiomatic to the violin with plenty of opportunities to employ the full expressive range of the instrument. These pieces are attainable, interesting, and unique. The Piano Parts are located in printable PDF form on a CD-ROM in the back of the book.
Voicing: Violin Solo with Optional Piano Accompaniment
Suggested Use: Preludes, offertories, concerts, recitals, talent contests, personal worship, and instruction
Skill: Advanced
Style: Varied

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Contents: Classic Hymns for Violin & Piano
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