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Guitar Praise 2
60 Favorites for Guitar-driven Worship
Arranged by: Ed Hogan

About This Product
Guitar Praise 2 is a 60-song collection of praise and worship favorites for guitar-driven worship. We've made every effort to make these songs easy to learn and sing by incorporating some unique features.

First, we've put them in guitar friendly keys (like G and D) so that the majority of the chords are familiar. If you're learning the songs from your favorite recordings, you'll probably want to "capo up" to the recording so that you can play along. Once you've learned the song, however, you may want to get rid of the capo and sing them in the keys they're written.

Most churches and youth groups have trouble singing in the original keys because the vocal range is too high. We've tried to err on the low side, so that you have the option of setting your capo at the spot that's just right for your group.

In addition, we've added fretboard diagrams to aid you in learning some new chords. You'll notice that sometimes a chord fingering changes based on its context within the harmonic progression, so give our diagrams a try. You may find a new way to voice an "old favorite" that makes the next chord a lot easier to find. (Special thanks to Joel Pollard for his great work with these diagrams.)

We hope you'll enjoy leading in worship with this new collection. Our prayer is that God will manifest His Presence among you as you worship together!
Suggested Use: Guitar-led worship services or for personal enjoyment

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Contents: Guitar Praise 2
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