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Ascend to Heaven
Dynamic Arrangements for Easter
Arranged and Orchestrated by: J. Daniel Smith
Created by: Dave Clark

About This Product
No season of the year is more poignant for the believer than Lenten and Easter. This new collection by renowned arranger J. Daniel Smith brings together eight fresh, new worship songs that will breathe new life into the way your church celebrates the risen Christ on this holiday or at any time of the year. The title song, "Ascend to Heaven," with its subtle yet powerful build, moving lyrics, and soul-stirring melody is sure to become a Sunday morning staple in churches across the globe. Worship leaders, choirs, and congregations alike will be inspired to find the freedom to lift their hands and voices in praise as they once again visit the events leading up to the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus.
Performance Time: 36 minutes

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Ascend to Heaven
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    Not Just a Story
    How Deep, How Wide
    When Jesus Wept
    Son of David
    That's My King
    The Cleansing Wave
    He Arose, Hallelujah
    Ascend to Heaven
Contents: Ascend to Heaven
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