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The Classical Organist, Volume 2
More Transcriptions for Worship & Wedding Services
Arranged by: Rick Parks

the world's loveliest classical melodies...

About This Product
Rick Parks offers seventeen of the world's loveliest classical melodies transcribed here for the first time ever for organ. The works of the masters are made accessible to the church organist. Designed for worship services, weddings, and funerals, they are useful anytime classical music is appropriate.

Among the selections are: "When Thou Art Near" (J. S. Bach); "Air" (Purcell); "Arioso" (Corelli); "For the Mountains Shall Depart" (Mendelssohn); "Lovely Appear" (Gounod); "O Lord, Correct Me" (Handel); "Andante" (Verdi).
Voicing: Organ
Suggested Use: Worship services, weddings and funerals.
Skill: Moderate
Style: Classical
Performance Details: General registrations are included, along with specific suggestions for the Hammond drawbar organ.

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Volume 2

Need help viewing sample pages?
    PDF Preview: Adagio Cantabile
    PDF Preview: Air
    PDF Preview: Andante
    PDF Preview: Andantino
    PDF Preview: Arioso
    PDF Preview: Bouree
    PDF Preview: Elegie
    PDF Preview: Etude
    PDF Preview: Finale
    PDF Preview: For the Mountains Shall Depart
    PDF Preview: Hornpipe
    PDF Preview: Lovely Appear
    PDF Preview: Melody in E Flat
    PDF Preview: Nocturne
    PDF Preview: O Lord, Correct Me
    PDF Preview: Prelude
    Sellable File
    PDF Preview: When Thou Art Near
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