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Sing To The Lord, Pew Edition

About This Product
Sing to the Lord offers many of the greatest hymns of all the ages. In it you'll hear the heart and faith of the Psalmist, the early church fathers, Martin Luther, the Wesleys, and hundreds of others who are now among that "great cloud of witnesses." Millions of believers have sung and memorized its hymns, finding their expressions true to Scripture and experience. They lived and died with them, passing them on to their children. And as each generation discarded some and embraced others, these hymns were chosen and treasured, century after century.

Every aspect of Sing to the Lord has been designed for practical usefulness.
  • It is a working resource for both the worshiper and the worship planner.
  • The hymnal is divided into three major sections: God; Salvation; and The Body of Christ.
  • Each section opens with its appropriate Scripture reading.
  • Topical subsections are indicated at the top of the hymnal page.
  • Also provided are 29 worship sequences, drawing together two or more hymns on a similar theme. Opening Scripture readings and musical introductions and interludes are often included. These sequences are designed to bring flow and focus to the worship time, while maximizing congregational participation.
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