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All the Best Songs for Easy Guitar
75 Hymns and Choruses
Arranged by: David Winkler

About This Product
All the Best Songs for Easy Guitar was created to meet the need for a compilation of Christian songs that could be enjoyed by the beginning guitarist. In it you'll find:
  • 75 songs, including choruses, contemporary praise songs, familiar hymns, children's favorites, and fun songs.
  • Only the easiest keys for beginning guitars: A, C, D, E, and G.
  • Chord diagrams, both at the beginning of each song and in a complete appendix of all 34 chords used in this book.
  • Songs arranged in sequence according to the number of chords used, from as few as 2 chords to as many as 12.
  • Indexes listing songs by title, song type, and key.
  • A suggested order of study that guides the beginner through the book, gradually teaching the student 36 chords.
Arranged by David Winkler.
Voicing: Guitar
Suggested Use: Accompaniment or personal enjoyment.
Skill: Easy
Style: Contemporary

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