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Instrumental Hymn Solos

Instrumental Hymn Solos, Vol. 1
10 Praise and Worship Favorites

About This Product
Ten accessible arrangements of hymns, gospel songs, and praise and worship favorites. Soloists play melodic lines primarily, with an occasional "flourish" and some last stanza settings or descants. Attention has been given to keeping the music in playable ranges for young players, and the keyboad accompaniment fairly simple. Accompaniment options include CD trax and MIDI files.
Solo lines are provided for each of the following: C treble instruments (flute, oboe, violin); C bass instruments (trombone, cello, bassoon); Alto clef instruments (viola); B treble instruments (trumpet, clarinet, tenor sax); F instruments (French horn, English horn); E instruments (alto sax).
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Voicing: Solos for flute, oboe, violin, trombone, cello, bassoon, viola, trumpet, clarinet, tenor sax, French horn, English horn, alto sax.
Suggested Use: Service music, instructional material, or personal enjoyment
Skill: Easy
Style: Traditional hymns, gospel songs, and praise and worship favorites.

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