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Part of the Series:
Instrumental Solotrax

Instrumental Solotrax Vol. 15: Trombone/Cello
Sacred Solos for Trombone and Cello
Arranged by: Ed Hogan

Duet Parts Included!

About This Product
Church trombone or cello soloists will find a wealth of usable material in these arrangements of classic hymns, praise and worship choruses, and gospel songs.

The book contains keyboard accompaniments plus solo and duet lines in separate, detachable inserts. Those performing solos will play the top line in its entirety. For duet use, a second player can perform the bottom line. All of the upper parts from Volume 15 will work with the bottom parts from Volumes 11-15 of the Instrumental Solotrax Series, thereby allowing duets of virtually any two instruments.
Voicing: Trombone or cello solos, duets, or duets with other instruments
Suggested Use: Sacred solos or duets may be used for preludes, offertories, postludes, recitals, contests, instruction
Skill: Moderate
Style: Varied styles

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