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Christmas at Uncle Phil's Diner: No Room at the Diner
Interactive Dinner Theatre for Outreach

To perform this piece you are required to purchase a Production Pack. Click Here For Details.

Cast: 9 male, 13 female, plus extras (some roles can be doubled or eliminated)
Performance Time: 2 hours (including the meal)
Suggested Use: This interactive dinner theatre is a great way to reach out to your community and bring them into your church for a fun evening of entertainment during the Christmas season.
Set Requirements: Very simple indoor set is needed.
Topics: Christmas, Christmas Plays, Christmas Scripts, Contentment, Dinner Theatre, Humor, Outreach
It's Christmas at Uncle Phil's! Third in the Uncle Phil's Diner series, this play continues the excitement with interactive scenes, holiday food, and 50's fun.

The diner is packed because P.J., Uncle Phil's nephew, has overbooked the restaurant with Christmas parties. New and familiar characters navigate the chaos by keeping the crowd entertained with music, games and holiday spirit. The wait staff even throws in a nostalgic gift for Uncle Phil and stages the Nativity as a final touch to the evening. Join in on the fun! Stage the holiday edition of Uncle Phil's this Christmas.

NOTE! With the purchase of the Christmas at Uncle Phil's Diner Production Pack, you will receive templates and promotional samples, sheet music for Wally's "Christmas Won't Measure Up Without You" song, and more!
Performance Royalty: First Performance: $35.00/Additional Performances: $25.00

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    Nativity Costume Photo - Angel
    Nativity Costume Photo - Joseph
    Nativity Costume Photo - Manger
    Nativity Costume Photo - Mary
    Nativity Costume Photo - Narrator/Shepherd
    Nativity Costume Photo - Shepherd
    Nativity Costume Photo - Wiseman 1
    Nativity Costume Photo - Wiseman 2
    Nativity Costume Photo - Wiseman 3
    Nativity Costume Photo - Wisemen Gifts
    12 Days Prop Photo - 2 Turkey Legs
    12 Days Prop Photo - 3 French Fries
    12 Days Prop Photo - 5 Onion Rings
    12 Days Prop Photo - 6 Burgers
    12 Days Prop Photo - 7 Grease Fires
    12 Days Prop Photo - 8 Phones
    12 Days Prop Photo - 9 Cups of Coffee
    12 Days Prop Photo - 10 Plates
    12 Days Prop Photo - Chili
    12 Days Prop Photo - 12 Meatloafs
    Prop Photo - Flodene's Book 1
    Prop Photo - Flodene's Book 2
    Flodene Book Cover
    Flodene Book Cover (GIF)
    Decor Poster 1
    Decor Poster 2
    Decor Poster 3
    Decor Poster 4
    Decor Poster 5
    Bingo Cards (PDF)
    Sample: Bulletin Artwork (PDF)
    Christmas at UPD: Bulletin Artwork (GIF)
    Christmas at UPD: Black and White Logo (PDF)
    Christmas at UPD: Color Logo (PDF)
    Christmas at UPD: Menu Artwork (GIF)
    Sample: Menu Artwork (PDF)
    Christmas at UPD: Poster Artwork (GIF)
    Sample: Poster Artwork (PDF)
    Christmas at UPD: Response Card Template (GIF)
    Sample: Response Card Artwork (PDF)
    Christmas at UPD: Thank You Cards (GIF)
    Christmas at UPD: Ticket Artwork (GIF)
    Sample: Production Notes
    Sample: Scene One
    Sample: Scene Eight
    Sample: Living Nativity
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