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Remember Who You Are

About This Product
This worship experience takes a congregation into a rediscovery of their Christian legacy. It's all about authentic worship of the Almighty through song, video, Scripture reading, drama, art, communion, and more.
The Birthright DVD provides everything you need: drama scripts along with a video demo and training; MP3s featuring song demos, split-tracks, and background vocal tracks for each song; worship music lead sheets; over ten background video loops; customizable worship outlines; production maps; photos and extensive notes; the video Faces of Christ for use during communion; and more.

Great for new, urban, and emerging churches. Songs include: He Reigns; Noise We Make; Sweep Me Away; I Still Believe; Who Am I; Created to Worship; and others.
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Production DVD

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Video Previews
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    Streaming Video: Sample Performance [not on DVD] (broadband)
    Streaming Video: Sample Performance [not on DVD] (dialup)
    Streaming Video Clip: Faces of Christ Video (Broadband)
    Streaming Video Clip: You Can't Be Me, Skit
    Streaming Video Clip: All You Will See
    Streaming Video Clip: Background Video Loop 4
    Streaming Video Clip: Background Video Loop 6

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    Preview: All You Will See
    Preview: Prove It to Me
    Preview: You Can't Be Me
    Preview: Storm
    Preview: Spoken Word